Thursday, September 12, 2013

For You Nirbhaya .. Hang The Rapist !!!

Please take 5 minutes to read this post. I write this post for Nirbhaya, the Delhi Brave Heart. I know nothing is going to change by me writing this post because we live in INDIA. I am not here to criticize India; I just want to express my feelings.
Hang the rapist

The incident happened on 16th December 2012, Delhi, India. A 23 year girl was brutally killed by 6 animals (they don’t deserve to be addressed as humans). Even animals won’t do such things. The girl was beaten with iron rod and raped by those 6 animals. The iron rod was used for penetration which damaged her internal organs. The police spokesman said one of the accuse abused the victim twice and ripped off the internal organs with bare hands. Due to internal injuries, bleeding and organ failure she died in 13 days of incident. The case was put into fast court and it took 9 months to process (fast court in India is 9 months).
In those 6 animals, one person named Ram Singh committed suicide in the jail, am happy that he took his own punishment. One of the guy was minor, he was the guy who inserted iron rod and damaged her internal organs, that brutal animal was given minimal punishment of just 3 years imprisonment in a reform facility which was inclusive of the eight months he spent in remand during the trial. That was not a fair justice though he passed 18 years now. The other 4 was bought to court and sentence was to be given on September 13th 2013.
There are many public protests going on in Delhi and various other places in India. This verdict should be the end of all crimes against women in India. There shouldn’t be given any mercy for this act. They should be hanged. The punishment given to them should teach lessons to each and every person in our country. According to me even hanging them is not the ultimate punishment, hanging them will make them feel the pain of death just for few seconds. They should be given more brutal punishment which should make them realize the pain of brave girl who is resting in peace now. The punishment should create fear in each individual which should make them not even to think such things.
Crime against women is never ending story in India. Even after death of Nirbhaya, there were many rape cases reported like 5 year old girl who was raped by inserting bottles and candles, photo journalist in Bombay and the list goes on. So what’s the end of such crime? The judgment of this case decides the fate of Indian women in the future.

Main Accused in Nirbhaya Rape Case Hangs Himself You Say

Let’s join our hands. Come forward. Protest to protect our women around us. Hang the rapist! There shouldn’t be any second thoughts, if such crimes are found the rapist should be hanged immediately. This should be made compulsory law. It is more brutal than murder because, if a person is murder they are dead immediately but after rape she have to live her whole life with that pain. That’s the worst thing that could happen to anyone.
Before thinking about doing such things, just think, today it could be someone; tomorrow it will be to your friend or relative. So let’s come forward to protect our friend, relative, women of future India. Never forget you are into this earth because of a women, respect women, protect women. Thank you. 

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