Thursday, July 18, 2013


I am writing this post for PROTSAHAN India Foundation is a youth based international nonprofit organization that uses the innovative approaches of Design, Art, Digital Stories, Photography, Technology & Cinema to foster Creative Education and Sustainable Livelihoods at bottomest of pyramid among at risk street & slum children facing drugs, sex abuse and special conditions. This year Protosahan joined hands with UNITED NATIONS [Unicef].

I am going to write about two topics that were suggested by Protosahan and Unisef. Before I start writing I wanted to say that I am trying to include any statistics or data about these topics, whatever I write below are from my own thoughts and my own words. I will try to make it interesting and informative.

#1. Gender Violence against women and young girls in India

This is the right time to discuss about the topic “gender violence against women in India” because recently we saw many incidents which made us to think about this topic (I don’t want to quote any examples and hurt anybody’s feelings). The main problem in today’s society is that women are being sexually harassed and brutally treated. And the saddest part is that even children became victim for such activities, the children who doesn’t even understand the meaning of sex is becoming victim.  There are many campaigns taking place about this, many politicians or other famous people talking about this but do we see any difference in the result? The answer is No. So what do we do!!!!

Does making punishments strong such as hanging them in public or beating them to death can solve this issue? No! Because Indian law doesn’t permit such activities. So what to do we do? We are future of tomorrow, the only way to eradicate such activities is teaching our kids. Parents shouldn’t feel bad in teaching kids about sex education. We should teach our young girls of how to differentiate between good and bad man, how to protect themselves from any violence. And we should teach our young boys of how to become that right men.

Recently I read about a cause Ring The Bell, and I loved their concept. They say if you hear any neighbor women’s scream (i.e. if you feel they are been tortured) just go and ring the bell of their home. At least for a moment they will stop torturing. It’s a simple thing which everyone can do. So I wanted to say if you feel any violence is happening to women around you, please don’t step back, come forward and fight for them. Today it may be for someone; tomorrow it may happen to your own sisters or friends. Fight for women, they are most precious gifts in earth. If there is no women then you or me don’t exists.

#2. Issue of Open Defecation and Sanitation in urban slums

“Issue of Open Defecation and Sanitation in urban slums” is a never ending topic which is been discussed in India for long time and never found a solution. In this blog-post I will try to suggest some solutions that can be implemented to solve this issue. This became main issue because defecating and sanitizing in open place is causes many problems; it creates many disease which will affect the people living in that place, it will pollute the drinking air and water, it grows life killing insects, etc. I feel its important discuss about solutions for this problem rather than discussing about the issue. 

So what do we do?
The main reason why people do such activities is that lack of awareness about the consequences that they going to face in future. So our motto is to educate the illiterate people about proper usage of toilets. There are many campaigns ran by TV shows to educate about this problem but that is not enough, we need to go to slums and educate them directly.
It is literally impossible for government to build toilets everywhere. But government should make some initiate to build toilets in slum areas.
Government should make some initiative in cleaning the slums, so it prevents mosquitos and other insects grow in those areas.
Provide education to the kids in slums. Education is the only solution for any problem that is prevailing in this society. If it is made free and compulsory and if kids start studying 90% of problem in society is solved.

Thank you for spending your valuable time in reading my Blog-post. I thank Protosahan and UNITED NATIONS [Unicef] for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Looking forward for a great future ahead. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I saw , I learnt

I am sharing what 'I Saw and I Learnt' at in association with

Let us not waste any more time and #CelebrateBlogging by blogging our learning's from what we have.

Learning #1 : Humanity
My friend and I was walking in a street and an ambulance passes us, I saw my friend praying to god suddenly (usually we touch our fingers to lips and whisper) and I asked her what are you doing.? She said I just prayed that whoever in that ambulance should be recovered/get well soon. I asked do you know who was in that ambulance, she said no, but I know he/she has a family.
We see ambulance daily, if single prayer can change something why don't we pray for them.? Today it might be for someone but someday we may get back those prayers. 

Learning #2 : Save Planet 
We eat chewing gums often and I learnt this from my friend. He never throws away the wrapper of chewing gum while eating; he just keeps it in his pocket. It was weird when I saw for first time, but later I saw him wrapping the chewing gum into wrapper before spitting out. Usually small birds don’t know to differentiate between chewing gum and other food and if it eats chewing gum it can swallow or spit outside and it dies. Thus wrapping in a cover before spitting out chewing gum saves other species. It also prevents other nuisance like sticking under shoes/ other objects of other people.

Learning #3 : Save food
When I was staying in hostel I use to take all food that is available and waste it without eating. During our farewell one of my friends composed a song and played by explaining about the people who starve for food and children who die in hunger. I truly regretted for what I did on that day, and that song changed my life. After that till date I never wasted any food. And by the way his song won a standing ovation from the crowd. 

Learning #4 : Anti-corruption 
When we get caught by a traffic constable for some reason, immediately we will say I will give 100rp and please leave me. But there is friend of mine who never does that, when police say if you pay here its 100rp and if you pay in court its 500rp, he will say I will pay in court or give me receipt for the money which I am paying. That's actually a very good habit; instead of paying 100rp for his pocket we can better pay some extra money for government. The lesson which we should learn is never pay police without getting receipt, it is like we our-self are giving corruption and saying Indian are corrupted. Change should begin from us. 
If you are not afforded to pay 500rp in court at-least just pay 50rp instead to 100rp, in a way it also reduces corruption. 

Learning #5 : Charity begins at home
I learnt this from my mother, we grew up daily and we never use our old dress after some period. Even though the dress is not damaged we find some reason for not using it when we get new dress but there are people who never have dress. So my mom always donated these unused dresses to orphanages and other charity trusts. Instead of just throwing it away we could help the people who want it. 

The learning's which I have mentioned in this post are things which I learnt in my life. These are small things which everyone of can learn and follow. I Saw, I Learnt. Now it’s your turn. :-) 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Movies this week- Singam 2 and Pacific Rim

SINGAM 2 (Tamil)

Singam 2, An Indian Police; starring Surya, Anushka, Hansika.  
Such a horrible movie, with crappy story. An Indian police from Thuthukudi, a small town in Tamil Nadu is accessing Interpol's database, helping Interpol officers was too much. 
There are good things in movie like educating students about drug usage, educating students not to waste career in the name of love etc. But that was just part of movie, the major part was chasing the drug dealers.
They say it was action, but it was funny, too noisy. If you wanted to watch a movie which was written for Rajnikanth and Sir Jadeja, go watch this movie. Waste of time and money.


Pacific Rim was a Pathetic Rim. It is a science fiction movie which was animated too much. I guess the movie was remade from some animated Japanese cartoon. 
The movie was based on war between Kaiju(a dragon/dinosaur/monster) vs human made huge robots. The concept was good but if animation was not effective. Good attempt but would have made better. Actors would have performed better. 
Kids would love the movie. 

One common thing in both movies. Kaiju attacked every part of world except India because an Indian Police was protecting India. :-D .. "Indian are king of Indian ocean" (dialogue from Singam2)

Monday, July 8, 2013

My first job

Okay !! Let me explain you how I landed up in my first job as Business Analyst, the interesting part in this story are the problems which I faced before joining.

Business Analyst was the profile which I dreamt during college days because I was specialized in Systems. But unfortunately none of the IT companies came for placement till I complete my course. After I completed my course I was jobless for couple of months, then I decided to join in some start-up company to learn things and jump from there to big company. As I wished I got a call from a start-up company, but to my luck unfortunately the company was shut down in 10 days of my joining. But I couldn't inform this to my parents, friends or relatives, so I decided to join any other job as soon as possible. 

Problem #1

And one fine day I got a mail from college saying an IT company is coming to recruit System guys. And the interview was on 4th of July and I am seeing mail by 3rd July early morning. I was in Bangalore and interview was at Kochi and my dress and other things were in Coimbatore. 
I decided to attend interview, I started from Bangalore around 9 o'clock in morning and reached Coimbatore around 4:30 PM. Then I took my things and got prepared for interview and took a bus to Alathur by 10. The bus which was supposed to reach in 2 hours took 4 hours to reach. 

Problem #2

My college has a weird practice of making students write essay about company before sitting for placements. So by 2 o'clock in midnight I took my laptop to browse about company. When I plugged in smoke started coming from laptop, my battery is gone and I cant use my laptop. And if I didn't submit write up they will not allow me to sit for placements. Then I called up my friend and asked to read the details about company through phone. When I completed it was 3 o'clock and 4:45 o'clock I need to get up and get ready to go college.

Problem #3

First day of interview was over, me and my friend got selected for next day's interview. Unfortunately I just took and came one dress and it was already dirty because of travelling. I had no dress to wear for next day's interview, then I called up my friend and asked for a dress. I went to his home took dress and stayed in my friend's room. 

Problem #4

Final round of interview was over and I got selected for interview. I went back to Coimbatore to take my things. Monday 7th July I was to join the company, Sunday night I planned to take bus from Coimbatore. Bus is by 9:30, my cousin came with me to drop at bus stand. We were coming in car and all of sudden a women came in bike and dashed on our car. It stuck so hard that she lost conscious when she hit, mistake was on her side, but still we were afraid. It was already late and if i miss bus I will not be able join job next day. So cousin said me to leave and he will manage the accident case. 

 Problem #5

I decided to stay in my friend's room. But at last moment the owner didn't allow me to share their room and he asked to take separate single room. So at that moment I was helpless because I reached place by midnight 3 o'clock and I have no place to stay. Then I called my friend and stayed in his home that night. After all these struggles next day morning, I joined company and done with my first day.

Looking forward for a great career..!!! :) 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

THE IDEA CARAVAN - Mr. Neil Harbisson

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. The YouTube link for the video is

I saw the videos at and the video which inspired me the most was the video of Mr. Neil Harbisson. The video was titled as “Neil Harbisson couldn’t see colors. But his innovation has got perceiving colors to completely new level. Hear about his journey.” All other causes like cancer, women, water, education etc. was familiar topics which we have heard lot thus I decided to go for this video first. I watched it, loved it, then I watched other videos but as an old saying “First impression is the best impression” Mr. Neil’s video reminded as the best impressed video.

What are the things I loved in this video?
   First thing which I loved the most was the way he put things. He had this problem of color blindness, when he released he had this problem he never stopped there, he came forward and found a solution to it.
   Throughout his speech he kept people engaged, he spoke with humor so people don’t bored, that’s the other thing which I liked.
    The examples he gave, like seeing map without colors is complicated, flags of many countries looks similar in black and white etc. was funny and interesting.

What inspired me in this video?
    Mr. Neil himself is an inspiring person.
   He made a revolution by not seeing sound but by hearing sound, is that sounds interesting??? Yes!! He has invented a chip and web camera which when sees a color produces a unique sound from which he understands what color is that.
   And most importantly he solved the problem of racism. He sees colors not as we see but deeper than what normal humans see. He found there is white or black skin; it is only light and dark shade of Orange. Interesting!! Right??
    The most inspiring thing is that he never sells his device and makes money out of it. Rather he teaches people to create that instrument, he provides its software as Open Source thus anybody can work on it and improvises it. It really needs a generous heart to provide an invention as Open Source.
   He and his team dint stop hear. They have invented a motion sensor device which detects the motion around people. They have invented a camera that can be fixed in finger to read colors or images. They are also working on a device for making blind people see things.
  He concludes by saying, when people gets older our sensors power reduces, but when we merge technology and human senses, when we get old our senses improve, because technology grows day by day. It was the most unique idea with a greater vision, which inspired me a lot.

Thank you Franklin Templeton Investment for giving me an opportunity to write this blog.

Monday, July 1, 2013


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