Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Movies this week- Singam 2 and Pacific Rim

SINGAM 2 (Tamil)

Singam 2, An Indian Police; starring Surya, Anushka, Hansika.  
Such a horrible movie, with crappy story. An Indian police from Thuthukudi, a small town in Tamil Nadu is accessing Interpol's database, helping Interpol officers was too much. 
There are good things in movie like educating students about drug usage, educating students not to waste career in the name of love etc. But that was just part of movie, the major part was chasing the drug dealers.
They say it was action, but it was funny, too noisy. If you wanted to watch a movie which was written for Rajnikanth and Sir Jadeja, go watch this movie. Waste of time and money.


Pacific Rim was a Pathetic Rim. It is a science fiction movie which was animated too much. I guess the movie was remade from some animated Japanese cartoon. 
The movie was based on war between Kaiju(a dragon/dinosaur/monster) vs human made huge robots. The concept was good but if animation was not effective. Good attempt but would have made better. Actors would have performed better. 
Kids would love the movie. 

One common thing in both movies. Kaiju attacked every part of world except India because an Indian Police was protecting India. :-D .. "Indian are king of Indian ocean" (dialogue from Singam2)

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