Monday, July 8, 2013

My first job

Okay !! Let me explain you how I landed up in my first job as Business Analyst, the interesting part in this story are the problems which I faced before joining.

Business Analyst was the profile which I dreamt during college days because I was specialized in Systems. But unfortunately none of the IT companies came for placement till I complete my course. After I completed my course I was jobless for couple of months, then I decided to join in some start-up company to learn things and jump from there to big company. As I wished I got a call from a start-up company, but to my luck unfortunately the company was shut down in 10 days of my joining. But I couldn't inform this to my parents, friends or relatives, so I decided to join any other job as soon as possible. 

Problem #1

And one fine day I got a mail from college saying an IT company is coming to recruit System guys. And the interview was on 4th of July and I am seeing mail by 3rd July early morning. I was in Bangalore and interview was at Kochi and my dress and other things were in Coimbatore. 
I decided to attend interview, I started from Bangalore around 9 o'clock in morning and reached Coimbatore around 4:30 PM. Then I took my things and got prepared for interview and took a bus to Alathur by 10. The bus which was supposed to reach in 2 hours took 4 hours to reach. 

Problem #2

My college has a weird practice of making students write essay about company before sitting for placements. So by 2 o'clock in midnight I took my laptop to browse about company. When I plugged in smoke started coming from laptop, my battery is gone and I cant use my laptop. And if I didn't submit write up they will not allow me to sit for placements. Then I called up my friend and asked to read the details about company through phone. When I completed it was 3 o'clock and 4:45 o'clock I need to get up and get ready to go college.

Problem #3

First day of interview was over, me and my friend got selected for next day's interview. Unfortunately I just took and came one dress and it was already dirty because of travelling. I had no dress to wear for next day's interview, then I called up my friend and asked for a dress. I went to his home took dress and stayed in my friend's room. 

Problem #4

Final round of interview was over and I got selected for interview. I went back to Coimbatore to take my things. Monday 7th July I was to join the company, Sunday night I planned to take bus from Coimbatore. Bus is by 9:30, my cousin came with me to drop at bus stand. We were coming in car and all of sudden a women came in bike and dashed on our car. It stuck so hard that she lost conscious when she hit, mistake was on her side, but still we were afraid. It was already late and if i miss bus I will not be able join job next day. So cousin said me to leave and he will manage the accident case. 

 Problem #5

I decided to stay in my friend's room. But at last moment the owner didn't allow me to share their room and he asked to take separate single room. So at that moment I was helpless because I reached place by midnight 3 o'clock and I have no place to stay. Then I called my friend and stayed in his home that night. After all these struggles next day morning, I joined company and done with my first day.

Looking forward for a great career..!!! :) 

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