Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I saw , I learnt

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Let us not waste any more time and #CelebrateBlogging by blogging our learning's from what we have.

Learning #1 : Humanity
My friend and I was walking in a street and an ambulance passes us, I saw my friend praying to god suddenly (usually we touch our fingers to lips and whisper) and I asked her what are you doing.? She said I just prayed that whoever in that ambulance should be recovered/get well soon. I asked do you know who was in that ambulance, she said no, but I know he/she has a family.
We see ambulance daily, if single prayer can change something why don't we pray for them.? Today it might be for someone but someday we may get back those prayers. 

Learning #2 : Save Planet 
We eat chewing gums often and I learnt this from my friend. He never throws away the wrapper of chewing gum while eating; he just keeps it in his pocket. It was weird when I saw for first time, but later I saw him wrapping the chewing gum into wrapper before spitting out. Usually small birds don’t know to differentiate between chewing gum and other food and if it eats chewing gum it can swallow or spit outside and it dies. Thus wrapping in a cover before spitting out chewing gum saves other species. It also prevents other nuisance like sticking under shoes/ other objects of other people.

Learning #3 : Save food
When I was staying in hostel I use to take all food that is available and waste it without eating. During our farewell one of my friends composed a song and played by explaining about the people who starve for food and children who die in hunger. I truly regretted for what I did on that day, and that song changed my life. After that till date I never wasted any food. And by the way his song won a standing ovation from the crowd. 

Learning #4 : Anti-corruption 
When we get caught by a traffic constable for some reason, immediately we will say I will give 100rp and please leave me. But there is friend of mine who never does that, when police say if you pay here its 100rp and if you pay in court its 500rp, he will say I will pay in court or give me receipt for the money which I am paying. That's actually a very good habit; instead of paying 100rp for his pocket we can better pay some extra money for government. The lesson which we should learn is never pay police without getting receipt, it is like we our-self are giving corruption and saying Indian are corrupted. Change should begin from us. 
If you are not afforded to pay 500rp in court at-least just pay 50rp instead to 100rp, in a way it also reduces corruption. 

Learning #5 : Charity begins at home
I learnt this from my mother, we grew up daily and we never use our old dress after some period. Even though the dress is not damaged we find some reason for not using it when we get new dress but there are people who never have dress. So my mom always donated these unused dresses to orphanages and other charity trusts. Instead of just throwing it away we could help the people who want it. 

The learning's which I have mentioned in this post are things which I learnt in my life. These are small things which everyone of can learn and follow. I Saw, I Learnt. Now it’s your turn. :-) 

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