Tuesday, July 2, 2013

THE IDEA CARAVAN - Mr. Neil Harbisson

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. The YouTube link for the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw_-pzYEqV4#at=147.

I saw the videos at http://www.ftideacaravan.com/ and the video which inspired me the most was the video of Mr. Neil Harbisson. The video was titled as “Neil Harbisson couldn’t see colors. But his innovation has got perceiving colors to completely new level. Hear about his journey.” All other causes like cancer, women, water, education etc. was familiar topics which we have heard lot thus I decided to go for this video first. I watched it, loved it, then I watched other videos but as an old saying “First impression is the best impression” Mr. Neil’s video reminded as the best impressed video.

What are the things I loved in this video?
   First thing which I loved the most was the way he put things. He had this problem of color blindness, when he released he had this problem he never stopped there, he came forward and found a solution to it.
   Throughout his speech he kept people engaged, he spoke with humor so people don’t bored, that’s the other thing which I liked.
    The examples he gave, like seeing map without colors is complicated, flags of many countries looks similar in black and white etc. was funny and interesting.

What inspired me in this video?
    Mr. Neil himself is an inspiring person.
   He made a revolution by not seeing sound but by hearing sound, is that sounds interesting??? Yes!! He has invented a chip and web camera which when sees a color produces a unique sound from which he understands what color is that.
   And most importantly he solved the problem of racism. He sees colors not as we see but deeper than what normal humans see. He found there is white or black skin; it is only light and dark shade of Orange. Interesting!! Right??
    The most inspiring thing is that he never sells his device and makes money out of it. Rather he teaches people to create that instrument, he provides its software as Open Source thus anybody can work on it and improvises it. It really needs a generous heart to provide an invention as Open Source.
   He and his team dint stop hear. They have invented a motion sensor device which detects the motion around people. They have invented a camera that can be fixed in finger to read colors or images. They are also working on a device for making blind people see things.
  He concludes by saying, when people gets older our sensors power reduces, but when we merge technology and human senses, when we get old our senses improve, because technology grows day by day. It was the most unique idea with a greater vision, which inspired me a lot.

Thank you Franklin Templeton Investment for giving me an opportunity to write this blog.

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