Saturday, February 22, 2014

Facebook-WhatsApp acquisition

The hottest topic in Tech world for past few days was Facebook bought WhatsApp for wopping $19 billion, a highest tech acquisition in the history. Reports says Facebook was not the only company who was interested in WhatsApp but even Google offered WhatsApp $10 billion.

Is this tech start-up WhatsApp which was founded in 2009 at silicon valley with team size of 50+ worth $19 billion ?? Lets look into some stats about WhatsApp… 

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app which helps in sending text and multimedia messages to individual or groups. WhatsApp has around 350 million monthly active users and sends around 27 billion messages per day.. Yeah, the numbers seems quite high..

So is it better than other social media sites.. The answer is Yes..!! There are around 500 million tweets per day, 10 billion Facebook messages per day and and and…… 27 billion messages per day in WhatsApp…

tweet n msg

It doesn’t end here the user base of and messages sent in WhatsApp is increasing day by day gradually…


The most interesting part is….. if you are a WhatsApp user, do you whats you value.??
Facebook says your value is $42 .. Yes Facebook paid $42 dollars per WhatsApp User….


This acquisition made by Facebook rewrote the history.. Yes.!! This is the highest tech acquisition ever made..


There are many trying to analyse whether this was a wise made by Facebook or not… But one thing is sure, Zuckerberg owns Facebook, Instagram, and now WhatsApp, so basically he has more information about people than NSA or any govt.. I am interested in seeing what he is planning to do with this data… Lets wait and see….

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